Quality policy and environmental protection

Ecological criteria is an important factor when deciding where to spend your holiday. Customer expectations, particularly in the campsites are extremely high. An attractive environment and nature are good elements for success, but this is only the beginning.

The Jezera Village Holiday Resort fully respects the proper use of energy resources and waste management as careful attention is given not to neglect the beauty of the natural environment which includes crystal clear waters, the beach, the plots and almost 90% of forested natural indigenous species such as pine, olive and oak. The water throughout the facilities is heated with the support of an eco-friendly solar-panel system and garbage disposal takes place on a daily basis. Together, we invite our guests to join us in sharing responsible behavior to preserve the energy and continue to look after of our beautiful nature resorts. To help raise the level of environmental awareness, we have provided you with a selection of tips put together by the Croatian Camping Union (KUH).

  • Water used for boiling (unsalted) can be re-used, cooled and poured over the grass and flowers on your camping pitch.
  • To comfortably contain heat inside your caravan, use organic substrates made of polystyrene foam suitable for recycling that do not cause allergic reactions. It is simple to use and is also very good soundproof insulation.
  • Remember you can significantly save water by washing the same amount of clothes in smaller containers, rather than in large basins.
  • If you someone who likes to relax by listening to the radio, have you considered using a radio with solar powered energy?
  • As you are on holiday in natural surroundings, try to leave the car in the parking lot in front of the apartment. Walk, use a bicycle or take advantage of public transport and enjoy your break from driving!







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