Anyone who has already spent a summer holiday on the island, will tell you it’s a very unique experience. The natural beauty and tranquility of the island seems to attract many tourists. As with any island, we are sometimes faced with challenges getting there. However, Murter Island, the largest island in the Šibenik area, is quite another story. Located in central Dalmatia, they are at the doorstep of the Kornati islands, separated from the mainland by only a short drawbridge.

Murter is especially attractive to yachtsmen and those who prefer a rather quieter holiday. The beginnings of tourism on Murter date back to the 1930s, when a Czech villa was constructed in Slanica Bay. Since then the island has welcomed numerous guests from around the world. The majority of the island is covered with ancient olive trees and figs, grown by locals which is still done today.

Besides Murter as the largest and oldest settlement on the island, there are a further three places: Betina, Jezera and Tisno. Due to its architecture, Betina is one of the most beautiful towns found on the Adriatic, and enjoys the status of the Adriatic wooden shipbuilding town. Jezera is known as one of the strongest central-Dalmatian fishing centres and its main asset, apart from nautical tourism, is the Jezera Village Holiday Resort. Tisno is the newest town on Murter, built on the spot where the island of Murter almost touches the mainland. During the summer season you will experience various sports competitions but prior to this, the Murter – Kornati Regatta is held in April as an introduction to the summer season. Traditional festivities include the St. Roko celebration (August 16) and Murter feast of the Nativity of Mary (September 8).

Murter offers various types of accommodation (hotels, apartments, marina), but what makes it special are the campsites. Many will agree, spending a holiday on an island has a special charm. The advantage of camping on Murter is that it is almost considered part of the mainland yet separated by only a bridge. No ferries or large crowds. From the moment campers step onto the island they step into a world of beautiful untouched nature and beaches.

The Murter waters and the Kornati islands are bordered and intersected with as many as 14 marine channel and passages. Due to the proximity of Kornati and its safe and well equipped marina, Murter is an significant center of nautical tourism on the Adriatic. On the island of Murter and on the Kornati island group, there are in total five marinas, and in the town there is a shipyard, equipped for constructing all kinds of small and medium-sized vessels. Hramina marina is located in the Northwestern part of the island of Murter. Equally, Marina Betina is situated in the same section of the island of Murter, in the same place. Jezera can boast its ACI marina which is one of the most awarded and most environmentally-responsible nautical centers of Northern Dalmatia and proud winner of the Blue Flag. In addition to the marinas on the island, we should also mention the Kornati ACI Marina Žut and Pišker.

Murter is widely known for its wonderful bays and beaches including the distinguished beaches of Luke, Podvrske, Čigrađa and Lovišće. The various beaches and surroundings provide a base for numerous other facilities and activities for those in search of something more active such as sailing, diving, tennis, running, biking, bowling, windsurfing, jogging and renting a boat.

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