House rules

Dear guests!
We look forward to welcoming you to our and your Holiday Village Jezera-Lovišća wishing you a very pleasant stay in the village. We will do our best to provide you with a memorable experience, quality reception services and other departments and staff will aim to ensure you have a relaxing and carefree holiday. We kindly ask you to briefly read the following information which will certainly be of use!

  • For further information and inquiries, please contact the reception which is available 0-24h.
  • In the interest of all guests, during the hours of 24-07h, kindly respect the rules and other guests.
  • We recommend you place your valuables in the safe at the reception. This service is free of charge. The village cannot hold liability for money and valuables which are not kept at reception in the safe.
  • Electricity is 220V/50Hz.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable materials into the village and creating a fire.
  • The restaurant and the beach do not permit guests with dogs or other pets.
  • Reception reserves the right to keep one your ID documents until the day of your departure.
  • If you should have a complaint, suggestion or equally compliments, the complaints book is at your disposal. All complaints reported during the stay are taken into account. Subsequent complaints will not be considered.

For apartments:

  • Kindly park your car in the specific parking area for apartment guests – FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Inventory of the apartments are not allowed to be taken to the beach.
  • Garbage is taken out of the apartment daily by the chambermaid. Towels are changed every other day and bed linen once a week.
  • During your absence from the apartment, please ensure the door is locked and windows are closed.
  • Kindly, before leaving and upon check-out of the apartment, leave the dishes clean.

For the campsite:

  • Before entering the camp please sign-in at the front desk with a valid ID document. Please show your discount code card when signing because we will not be able to grant a discount at a later stage. Unregistered guest will be charged double the camping fee established on arrival or at least 7 days of camping.
  • Where you stay at the campsite is your choice with an obligation to respect a rational use of space, taking into account your neighbours area. Your selected area may not be fenced off. Campsite management reserves the right to intervene and transfer you if needed.
  • Setting up tents is permitted between 07-22h. Upon check-out, please leave your pitch in the same state as when you arrived. Please put the number of your tent in a clearly visible place.
  • Please kindly take care of the cleanliness of your area. Collect the waste water into a container preventing it from draining into the soil. Dispose your garbage into bins that are evenly distributed throughout the campsite. Please leave the washroom blocks as you would like to find them.
  • Dog owners should keep dogs on a leash, and within their own space dogs are to be kept on a chain. We kindly ask pet owners to regularly lead them outside of the campsite to poop.
  • Please kindly respect the rules and other guests between the early hours of 24-07h.
  • The barrier ramp at the entrance of the campsite is closed from 24-07h. The maximum speed limit is 20 km per hour.
  • Washing cars are strictly forbidden anywhere within the campsite.
  • Due to the clear potential danger, campfires are strictly forbidden and against the law. All guests are kindly requested to respect camp equipment, trees, bushes, flowers and surrounding wildlife.
  • Boat owners are required to register their vessels at the harbour master's office in Tisno. Usage of paddles or the minimum motor speed is permitted up to 200 metres from the shore.
  • Electricity 22V MAX-A-10 To connect and disconnect, please contact the reception desk.
  • Visitors must sign-in at the campsite entrance.
  • The campsite cannot be held responsible for theft, loss or damage during your stay. Money and valuables can be stored at the reception.
  • Check-out is up to 13h. Any further stay at the campsite will be charged as one full day. Accounts are charged at the front desk between 07-13h and 14-21h. When leaving the camp guests must present their bill. Please do not forget to return the fridge key, the number of the tent, trailer or Motorcaravan. 730 kuna will be charged for each lost key or number or card for the entrance.
Please kindly follow the house rules, failure to do so will mean a gross violation of these provisions, and we will unfortunately be forced to deny you further access to our campsite. I sincerely thank you for your understanding. We are at your service throughout your stay with us and are ready to help! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff.
If you were satisfied with your stay, please tell your friends. If you are not for some reason, please tell us!

Wishing you an enjoyable stay at our resort!

Thank you!







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