"On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath". When George Bernard Shaw, the Irish writer and Nobel laureate, wrote this sentence, he probably never knew the magnitude of his kind words. The reason is simple as the beauty of this national park is far from easy to briefly describe.

The Kornati archipelago consists of 150 islands, islets and reefs, of which 89 are of extraordinary landscape beauty with large bays, rich marine flora and fauna. In 1980 the group of islands was declared an official national park. This is most developed island group in the Adriatic Sea ecosystem, which includes as much as 12% of all Croatian islands (1264 islands). A paradise for yachtsmen visiting deserted islands through the narrow straits, enjoying the view of the high cliffs facing the open sea whilst swimming in the crystal clear waters of romantic bays. On Kornati, currently there are 537 listed plant species on the mainland, 226 algae, 850 species of living organisms in the sea, including 579 invertebrates, 160 species of fish, one species of turtle and also three species of mammals, including a very rare monk seal.

Apart from natural beauty, impressive hand made dry stone walls can be found on the islands. All the walls are built from one end of the island to the other. The walls are built at a height to prevent sheep from jumping over them. Besides the dry stone walls, another breathtaking monument is the Tureta fort, the most visited archaeological monument on Kornati, built in the 6th century during the time of Byzantine Emperor Justinian.

Within the national park there and eight marked hiking trails that lead to certain viewpoints that provide views across the entire archipelago. Following a day out walking in the fresh air, what better way to recharge than with some good food and wine. Sea food served in restaurants and taverns on Kornati are usually caught the same day on the islands, sometimes even in front of curious guests.

By far the finest way to experience Kornati is on a cruising boat. Excursion organisers can provide information on prices, routes, departure and arrival times and activities and generally offer day excursions departing in the morning (approx. 9h) and return late afternoon (approx. 18:00). An interesting fact is that the island of Murter is often given the name as the Metropolis of Kornati due to its geographical proximity and combined with the fact that many inhabitants of the island of Murter are owners and co-owners of a large number of the Kornati islands. Notably, Murter is regarded as the best departure point when visiting Kornati. As guests of the Jezera Village Holiday Resort we will make sure that you simply leave this beautiful archipelago experiencing its beauty in its entirety.

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