Keep the recommended distance.
Wash your hands thoroughly.
Use disinfectants.
Wear protective equipment.
Do not touch eyes, mouth and nose with dirty hands.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Procedure in a tourist facility when the guest has a fever and respiratory symptoms:

1. The guest stays isolated in his room / MH / caravan / tent and calls the reception.

2. The receptionist shall contact the competent doctor at the tourist clinic (if applicable) or the competent / on-duty epidemiologist.

3. In case of suspicion of COVID-19:

take a swab from the guest and he waits for the finding in the hotel room / MH / other or goes to the reference hospital in the county where he takes a swab and waits for the finding (in both cases the finding is done the next day).
epidemiological treatment of contacts and placement in self-isolation (guests in a hotel room / MH / other or quarantine; employees at home or in quarantine).


4. In case of confirmation of a positive finding, decontamination of the room / MH / other after the departure of the guest and other rooms in which the guest stayed - according to the epidemiological indication



I am a citizen of an EU / EEA member state and I have booked tourist accommodation in the Republic of Croatia, what documentation do I need to have to enter the Republic of Croatia?

Confirmation of the reservation of accommodation in the accommodation facility is required .:
Confirmation of accommodation reservation in the accommodation facility includes:

- confirmation of accommodation reservation of all accommodation service providers / all types of accommodation
- lease agreement in the camp
- contract on permanent berth in the port of nautical tourism
- confirmation of reservation for berth in the port of nautical tourism

- travel agency vouchers, etc.







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